Conference of Stella Maris – Society of Saint Vincent de Paul (SSVP)

Our Conference was established on 16th June 2006 and installed by Archbishop Filipe Neri Ferrão. The original group had around 14 members. The Conference comes under the Panjim Area Council and is governed by the Central Area Council (Margão).

In keeping with the charism of the SSVP, our members visit and pray for the sick and elderly members of Miramar community. Those families that are adopted by the Conference are being helped out in their needs such as medical aid, educational help, financial help, etc. besides other activities that take place during the year. Spiritual formation of the members is also given importance through prayers recollections, and participation in Eucharist. The funds are collected through donations and monthly box offerings after Mass. The Society is open to all those who seek to live their faith, loving and committing themselves to their neighbor in need.

Past committee (16th June 2006)

President: Avelino de Sá

V. President: Rita D’Souza

Secretary: Ancy Figueiredo

Asst. Secretary: Maria Gomes

Treasurer: Oliver Fernandes

Asst. Treasurer: Wilma Paes

Spiritual Guide: Fr. Robin R. Rodrigues

Present Committee (w.e.f. 25th June 2008)

President: Rita D’Souza

Vice President: Laura Lobo

Secretary: Lena Cordeiro

Treasurer: Oliver Fernandes

Spiritual Guide: Fr. Kennet B. Teles