The Fábrica of Stella Maris Chapel is an administrative committee. According to the Regulamento Geral das Confrarias, Fábricas/Cofres, a public juridical person, canonically erected and legally organized into corporation, to administer the temporal and ecclesiastical goods of a church/chapel and to assist the priest duly appointed and in charge of the church/chapel in the promotion of divine worship, works of apostolate and charity and to look after the maintenance of church/chapel clergy and other personnel according to the diocesan norms/policies.

Past Administrative Committees:

1989-90 to 1991-92

President: Chaplain Fr Arnaut Pinto, S.J.

Treasurer: Archie Menezes

Attorney: Domingos Pascoal Lourenço

Subst. Rep: Joe Noronha, Victor Mathias and Edwin Sequeira

1992-93 to 1994-95

President: Chaplain Fr. Vasco do Rego, S.J.

Treasurer: Joe D’Souza

Attorney: Salis Mascarenhas

Substitute President: Gerard Fernandes

Substitute Treasurer: Dr. Alvaro da Costa

1995-96 to 1997-98 (Order no. 189/1999-96 dated 08-06-1995)

Substitute President: Allan D’Souza

1998-99 to 2000-01 (Order no. 283/1998-99 dated 22-05-1998)

President: Chaplain Fr Mousinho de Ataíde

Treasurer: Manuel Álvares

Attorney: Ismael de Almeida

Substitute President: Ancy Figueiredo

Substitute Treasurer: Avelino de Sá

Substitute Attorney: Laura Pinheiro

2001-02 to 2003-04 (Order no. 464/2001-2002 dated 01-08-2001)

President: Chaplain Fr Mousinho de Ataíde

Treasurer: Artur Lobo

Attorney: Ismael de Almeida

Acting President: Ancy Figueiredo

Acting Treasurer: José Marques

Acting Attorney: Joe Noronha

2004-05 to 2006-07 (Order no. SFC/140/2004-2005 dated 18-05-2004)

President : Chaplain Fr Robin Romualdo Rodrigues

Treasurer: Anthony Figueiredo

Attorney: José Marques

Members: Oda Maria Pinto

                 Gerson Rodrigues

2007-08 to 2009-10 (Order no. SFC/91/2007-2008 dated 19-05-2007)

President: Chaplain Fr Robin Romualdo Rodrigues (2007-09)

President: Chaplain Fr Kennet B. Teles (2009-10)

Treasurer: Selwyn Botelho

Attorney: Gerson Rodrigues

Members: Oda Maria Pinto

                  Crescent D’Costa

Years 2010-13 (Order no. SFC/623/2009-2010 dated 15-03-2010)

President: Chaplain Fr. Kennet B. Teles

Treasurer: Suzette Souza Monteiro

Attorney: Selwyn Botelho

Members: Anthony Fernandes

                Crescent D’Costa

Years 2013-16 (Order no. SFC/261/2012-2013 dated 13-03-2013)

President: Chaplain Fr. Kennet B. Teles

Treasurer: Suzette Souza Monteiro

Attorney: Paulo F. H. Dias

Members: Mata Lucia Dias

                 Mervyn Pinto