Cultural Association

To develop a community vibrant in the Catholic culture, the ‘Stella Maris Cultural Association’ was formed on 2nd January 2011. The programmes within its scope are talks, discussions, singing, drama, quiz, and so on.

Programmes held till date include: Table tennis and carrom tournament; collection of books for a future library; video talk by Apologist Stephen Ray on ‘Scripture, Tradition and Magisterium’; Music Classes (Guitar, Violin and Keyboard); series of four talks on the Bible, by Fr. Simião Fernandes

Present ad-hoc Committee members consists of: Fr. Kennet Teles, Ancy Fernandes, Deidre Aquino, Edna Rodrigues, Gerard Fernandes, Monica Dias, Óscar de Noronha, Selwyn Botelho and Theresa Crasto.